Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How I bypassed Apple App Store Reviewer.

Recently I submitted my latest indie game, titled “Dropoker”, a game which takes a little bit from both Classical Tetris and Good old Poker combined into one.

The mechanics of the game basically involve maneuvering, rotating and placing falling blocks in order to form horizontal lines to score points. Bonus multipliers are given based on Poker hands obtained from the 5 opening cards/blocks within the lines completed. If the line contains more or less than 5 opening cards, the bonus will be discarded.

However, due to Copyright registered by Tetris, as claimed by App Store Reviewer, my game was rejected, even though the game is not an exact replica of Tetris. 

Considering i have innovated something on top of the original mechanic. Plus all the imageries( graphics and animations) and programming are done entirely by me. I really don't think i have infringed any copyright.

I did a little bit of research on what will not be rejected by searching through App Stores on all games that resemble Tetris but get approved. So i discovered Pentix, which is something similar to Tetris but the falling block has 5 tiles instead of 4.

But i know that if i changed the number of tiles in the falling block to be other number instead of 4, the game won’t be as fun. So i decided to “fake” the game to cheat the reviewer.

So, I made my dropping block to have 9 tiles temporarily as a superficial placeholder. I hooked up my game with a backend server that i can control this temporary placeholder to be deactivated or activated remotely. The idea is to deactivate it as soon as the app gets approved.

However, that will require users to be online in order to get to play the “actual” game that they have paid for. Otherwise, they will be playing something else, which i think will not be as fun.

So, in order to overcome this problem, i have also set a date threshold, which estimated to be 2 weeks counting from the estimated review date, that auto activates the actual game.

And finally, i get my intended game, Approved!


Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have created a catalogue site for my apps.

It is still very crude as it is still under construction.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trapdoor Hunter (v1.2)

+ Reduced difficulty in puzzles.
+ Simple Decorations in the shops.

The game is currently given away for free (Offer lasts until 23 October 2011), grab a copy here:

Spells and Puzzles

It seems like there are a lot of confusions regarding how to cast the spells...So here's how..

The spells are casted by Double Tapping on the area ( usually with enemy) , provided it is selected. For example Fire ball, Cold Ball, Poison Blast, Frost Nova, Inferno, Fire rain, Fungal Growth, etc ... which are Area of effect spells.

For non projectile spells, they are also casted by double tapping, eg: Hyperactive, Natural Resistance, Mana Shield, where these spells only last for certain amount of time.

For targeted spell, you need to double tap it on the enemy. eg: Sleep

For targeted location spell, you need to double tap on the location. eg: Teleport.

Note that there is this special skill Whirlwind, where you ll need to have a weapon on hand to cast it, and with single cast of Whirlwind, you can spin forever as long as you can "keep the character in motion", which requires certain mastery of control. And Whirlwind is the most powerful melee skill (also most fun to use) that attacks multiple targets.

When the main character is killed, the equipments will be dropped to floor.

There are 3 types of puzzle currently:

1. 8x8 sudoku,
The rule of sudoku is pretty obvious, no row,column and sub board shd have repeating number/pattern. The pieces need to be gathered from the wild, and you fill it into the board.

2. Grackon's Puzzle
You need to observe the pattern.. 1,1,2,1,2,3,1,2...

3. Verbal Arithmetic(i.e. SendMoreMoney Puzzle)

When you have filled up the empty boxes with runes(puzzle pieces) ,you can tap on the trigger lever to see if the solution is correct.

There are total of 6 puzzle boxes, 2 of them are hidden in the cave. A unique item will given as reward when the puzzles are solved.

If you manage to kill the bosses of each level, you ll be rewarded a key, which can be used to unlock the waypoints , so that when you load from saved, you can teleport to the explored area right away..

There are only 3 mega bosses currently. One in the DarkForest entrance,another one in Dungeon entrance and last one in the Last Level of Dungeon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trapdoor Hunter (v1.1)

I made some fixes on several issues in v1.0:

- Unable to load saved game occasionally.
- Unable to access Trapdoor at North Room.
+ Initial weapon(a wooden club) given free in the inventory.
+ Initial cash 200.
+ Link to blog.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trapdoor Hunter (v1.0)

Trapdoor Hunter is a Diablo-like hack and slash Dungeon/Rogue game with trapdoors, puzzles and tons of monsters to kill.


Map Exploration:
In Trapdoor Hunter, you get to explore a mixture of handcrafted and randomly generated maps which consists of Forest, DarkForest, Caves, Dungeons, Catacomb..etc

Puzzle Solving:
You will need your logical skills to unlock the mysteries hidden in the puzzles. And reward will be given to you once the puzzles are solved.

There are several trapdoors hidden in the game which can only be discovered if you pay enough attention to detail.

Real-time Mass Killing
What could be more fun than mass annihilation of swarm of monsters, with blood and corpses carpeting the floor all over the places. In Trapdoor Hunter, you can do that with mass killing skills of your choice (Eg: Whirlwind , Firerain, Poison Blasts, etc etc which do Area of Effect(AOE) damage).
Take a spin with Barbarian Whirlwind Chop using your favorite weapon across a massive swarm of Mobs, and enjoy your killing frenzy, or Burn them with rain of fireballs.

Bullet Dodging
If you enjoy playing arcade shooting because of your bullet dodging skill, Trapdoor hunter will test your bullet dodging skill even further.

Player Crafting
You not only get to upgrade your player's basic attributes ( STR,DEX,VIT,ENG), but also the player's skill set with more than 24 distinct skills to explore and upgrade.

Random Items and Equipments
There are 8 different classes of armors and weapons, with different quality sets for players to explore.

Part I

Part II

Part III